breeding objective

I would like to preserve the unique properties of these South African breed of dog and to carry on with it in my breeding line. In the pedigrees of my breeding dogs old African bloodlines are obtained, which carry the origin of Rhodesian Ridgebacks in itself: big strong dog with strong bone structure and red-brown fur (redwheaten), with strong personality and confident, vigilant and people oriented.

For their run around and scuffling much space is given. We will go on excursions by car and invite children to play and cuddle.

delivery of the puppies

Delivery takes place from the 9th week . A personal meeting is required before we release the puppies in their future life.
Please do not hesitate to contact us in time.

les rouges d'afrique

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recommended literature:
Rhodesian Ridgeback, Petra Stracke
Rhodesian Ridgeback Der Loewenhund Afrikas, Peter Obschernikat
Rhodesian Ridgeback Pioneers, Linda Costa


They must be reared according to the guidelines of controlled RRCD, VDH and FCI. The puppies are born in the house and grown in the house for the first 3-4 weeks, so that everyday sounds become naturally. The proximity to us people is always given. From 3rd-4th Week, the puppies expand their outlet into the garden exploring the outside world at any time.