Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a very people oriented dog with a strong character. Unmistakably he carries a so-called "Ridge" which runs against the fur along the spine. He is a vigilant attentive dog who does bark to alert but not too long. He is cautious towards strangers but not aggressive.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a hunting dog, which can be used for hunting but not necessarily. (He is not a hunter, he likes browsing on driving the prey, but comes back an demand.)

He is a proud self-confident dog. The Ridgeback should not regularly spend hours alone at home waiting for his pack leader to come home. He prefers going with you and lying for hours with a lot of patience next to his owners.

Due to its size and temperament, he is not a dog for the apartment and for the big city, he needs outlet with plenty of space. He prefers to run once a day with plenty of time and space, rather than three times a day for a short walk. Do not try to walk in rainy weather with him. Rain is absolutely unacceptable for the Ridgeback.

The Ridgeback is obedient and he finds pleasure in dog sports, though he would never spend hours retrieving balls or the like back. He is an absolute family dog with a lot of patience and consideration towards younger children.

His sensitivity can be seen as a positive attribute, it is very sensitive and attentive. The Ridgeback is not necessarily an always friendly and compatible dog towards his fellows.

He rather takes extensive baths in the sun. The Ridgeback is a sophisticated intelligent dog that demands a dog experienced sensitive, loving and consistent leadership. He is a powerful dog of considerable size and always attentive to his environment and he must be able to rely on his people at all times. If these conditions are met, then you have this extraordinary dog as unique partner at your side.
Attention: whoever starts with the ownership of Ridgebacks can be infected by the ownership of several Ridgebacks ....