les rouges d'afrique

Welcome on the internet presentation of the Rhodesian Ridgeback-Kennel
"les Rouges d'Afrique".

My aim is to preserve and continue with the unique charactaristics of this south African dog breed. In the pedigrees of my breeding stock you can find ancient African bloodlines from Africa which carry the origin of Rhodesian Ridgebacks in itself:

Big strong dogs with solid bone structure and red-brown fur (redwheaten), strong-willed, self-confident and protective to their owners. The Parents, grandparents and great-grandparents of my dogs are award-winning multi-champions on international dog shows.
If you are interested in a puppie, please contact me soon. Fon:0049-5321-3933810 or mail: info@les-rouges-dafrique.de